Devon McGuirk

Speech and Language Therapist

Devon graduated from University of Limerick in 2018 with an Honours Master’s degree in Clinical Speech and Language Therapy. As part of her Masters Degree, Devon completed her Thesis Research Project in the area of Cancer and associated Swallowing difficulties, which involved 15 months of research and analysis of more than 250 individual cases.

In 2015, Devon graduated with an undergraduate honours degree in Linguistics and Spanish from University College Dublin. With a keen interest in the Spanish language, Devon lived and worked for a year in Madrid, Spain, prior to undertaking the Masters Degree.

Devon has gained experience working with a variety of client groups during clinical placements; children with additional needs such as ASD, Down Syndrome, Developmental Coordination Disorder, Intellectual Disability, and Global Developmental Delay. She has worked with adults in rehabilitation post-stroke with speech, language and swallowing difficulties, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Voice Disorders.

Devon has worked with clients in both the acute hospital setting and in the community. She works closely with the client, their family and school, in order to provide holistic and client centred care, meeting the specific needs of the child or adult and providing evidence-based practice to support them in their daily lives.

Devon is trained in Feeding Eating Drinking and Swallowing (FEDS), First Aid and CPR.