Occupational Therapy Free Webinar

This webinar is an introduction to children’s Occupational therapy at Caint with Senior Occupational therapist Dereena Minehane.Occupational therapy helps children and young people take part in daily life to improve their health and wellbeing. Occupational therapy aims to support children and young people to be as independent as possible in daily activities and be successful in their environments. These daily activities range […]

The Assessment Process for Autism

What to expect from an assessment for Autism..In our service, we have two key aims. Firstly, is to ensure that we provide the highest quality service to our families by using the best assessment tools with highly skilled, experienced, and competent clinicians. Secondly, is to support the families in our service through the assessment process.   The assessment process can sometimes be […]

Wonderful Webinars!

Wonderful Webinars!   We have all been experimenting and upskilling over the last few weeks. I am a passionate and animated presenter so I thought to myself.. “how can I get this passion through the screen in a webinar format?” So I decided to choose a topic I am really passionate about, early play and language development!!   However, the feedback from […]

Dyslexia Assessment Therapy Ireland

Dyslexia Assessment Updates

Dyslexia Assessment for Children in Ireland At Caint we offer an indivdualised approach to assessment and take account of relevant background information from family, schools, colleges or any other relevant sources. “During Covid-19 lockdown we are delighted to be able to offer our clients two different options for assessments in a time which is unprecedented and uncertain. Both assessments are identical in […]

Reopening of Caint from 18th May

Caint are delighted to announce that from the 18th of May we are reopening our doors to our clients for online services. We are offering secure online consultations with experienced members of staff, dyslexia assessments, speech and language assessments and occupational therapy assessments. We look forward to recommencing our services with our much loved clients and welcoming new clients to our service […]

Webinar Wednesdays

💻 Introducing Webinar Wednesdays! 💻 I am really excited to announce we are introducing our first Webinar series in three parts ✅ An Introduction to Language Development – ages and stages. This will cover what to expect in your child’s language development in the first three years on 15th April ✅ Prelinguistic Skills – Building the best language development foundations. This explores […]

Telepractice Speech Therapy Ireland

Telepractice and Online Therapy

Telepractice and Online Speech and Language Therapy Caint Speech Therapy are now offering Speech and Language Therapy sessions, consultations and assessments via teleconferencing platforms due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This is therapy that occurs online. Telepractice Speech Therapists Ireland Telepractice occurs when an online video calling platform is used to deliver therapy instead of face to face sessions with parents and […]

Free Talk for Parents and Teachers about CAINT’s multidisciplinary services Kilkenny

INVITATION You are invited to attend a free presentation by CAINT Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Psychology on the 4th of December 7 – 8 pm Venue The Hoban Hotel Kilkenny. This talk will outline CAINT’s multidisciplinary services and how to identify children who may need referral for these services. Different types of assessments will be discussed and explained so families will […]

Sensory Processing and Occupational Therapy

Sensory Processing is the way in which the nervous system receives sensory messages and generates them into responses. The senses provide us with information about where our body is in space, how our body is moving, what impact the environment is having on our body, what is happening in the environment and help us in knowing how to effectively respond to task […]

DCD Dyspraxia and OT

Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), also known as Dyspraxia, is a common disorder affecting fine and/or gross motor coordination in children and adults. Children may present with difficulties with self-care, writing, typing, riding a bike and play as well as other educational and recreational activities. They may also have difficulties with speech, organisation, planning, sequencing, working memory and various other psychological, emotional and social […]