Services Provided by CAINT Speech Therapy

Individual speech and language assessments.

Individual speech and language therapy.

    • Private individualised therapy
    • Provision of therapy while on wait-list for HSE
    • Additional therapy to supplement HSE blocks of therapy

~ Reports for schools to avail of resource hours.

~ Group therapy (3-6 children).

    • Pragmatic / social skills
    • Narrative (story telling)
    • Articulation (s and r)
    • Pre-literacy / phonological awareness skills
    • Reading skills groups
    • Other groups as needs / demands require

~ Consultation with preschool and school teachers.
~ Consultation with other professionals (psychologist, occupational therapist).
~ Visits to schools or preschools.
~ Home and school language programmes.
~ Parent training.
~ Workshops for teachers.
~ CPD for speech therapists… more >>