Wonderful Webinars!

  We have all been experimenting and upskilling over the last few weeks. I am a passionate and animated presenter so I thought to myself.. "how can I get this passion through the screen in a webinar format?" So I decided to choose a topic I am really passionate about, early play and language development!!   However, the feedback from the attendees has been wonderful and I am so thankful and grateful to have met so many enthusiastic and dedicated parents and teachers over the last few weeks   "Just finished a fantastic speech and language webinar by Edel Kelly. Edel is wonderful presenter who made the entire course engaging and packed with insightful information and tips to encourage language in young children."   "Relevant, clear and practical advice given in a down to earth, passionate and enjoyable manner. Edel is extremely knowledgeable and full of tips and tricks to make things easier for the child and adult."   "Edel’s webinars are so informative and reassuring. A fantastic insight into language development in babies and young children. Would highly recommend to anyone with children of their own or working with young children in any capacity."   "Edel's speech and language webinars have been fantastic over the past few weeks. Very informative, interesting and relevant! Thank you so much, what a brilliant service."   I am feeling totally inspired at the moment and I am busy working on new topics at the moment.   Stay tuned!   Edel